Self-catering holiday cottage


As the weather changes and the days get shorter, there is nothing quite like daydreaming about your next holiday. With its long, winding walks and beautiful scenery, there is nothing quite like taking a break in the Lake District at this time of year! If you’re hoping to find the ideal British getaway, there are many places within Cumbria which are certain to suit you just fine.

Planning a perfect escape for you and your family can often be rather tricky. You need to find a place that suits all of your needs. What’s more, you have to make sure that every single member of your family is happy, including your lovable dog. These days, more and more families are choosing to take man’s best friend along with them on their break.

After all, what would be the fun of going away if you spend the whole time missing your cute little pet? When it comes to booking a place, there is one thing that you simply must look for before you book it up. You might not realize it, but there are plenty of pet-friendly log cabins you can book up in the Lake District.
A place for everyone

Of course, you will have already found that most hotels don’t allow you to take pets with you when you stay with them. That is a pretty standard policy, if an annoying one. If you’re looking for some accommodation where you will all be happy, you should opt for something a little different. There are many pet-friendly log cabin holidays in the Lake District. That means that it’s well worth taking a look to see what you can find.

There is absolutely nothing more enchanting than cuddling up with your loved one and having your favourite member of the family there with you too. When you opt to hire an entire place for yourself, it really does make all the difference. You will have a newfound freedom when it comes to your holiday, which is sure to make it the best one yet.
Dog-friendly homes

Finding a home that suits you and your family’s needs has never been easier. There are actually many dog-friendly homes out there, which means that you will have a broad array of options from which to choose. While you may like to take your own baskets, many of the cabins actually come with spaces where your dogs or other pets can sleep. From the moment you reach the cabin, all of you will feel right at home, especially your friendly little pup. After all, isn’t that what being on holiday is really all about?

Stunning log cabins

So, what do you get when you opt to rent out an entire cabin for you and your family? Well, one of the main luxuries that this decision will afford you is the fact that you will have self-catering facilities and outside space. When you stay in a hotel, you get just one small room, but having an entire cabin for you and your loved ones is a real treat.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for you and that special someone or just organising a family trip for a few days, these cabins are sure to be all you need. What many guests simply adore about these cabins is the fact that they are grand looking and very spacious. These two features mean that you will live in luxury for the entirety of your stay.
Lake district dog walks

When you stay in the Lake District, you simply have to make sure that you get outside and enjoy all that this stunning place has to offer. One of the recent trends in the area has to be the treasure trails. These walks are a great excuse to get the whole family together for a walk while having a load of fun along the way. Most trails are self-guided and you can look up the information about it online before you set off. Since the many walks in Cumbria are dog-friendly, you should have no problem taking your pooch along with you when you make a day of rambling in the countryside. From Shap Abbey to Bow Bridge, there are many fabulous places that you just have to explore in the area.
Home comforts away from home!

Finally, when it comes to getting away, you need to enjoy the home comforts that you are so very used to. That means things like having a place where your pet can stay with you and the family, and also finding a cabin that has all you could possibly need. When you browse the wide variety of options online, you’re sure to find a place that meets all your requirements. After all, when it’s your special getaway, you should not have to compromise on anything at all.