Self-catering holiday cottage

Holiday cottages in Scotland

Holiday cottages in Scotland


Book a self-catering holiday cottage in Scotland and enjoy a pleasant and interesting break with some of the best scenery and wildlife in the UK.

The wide expanses of wilderness in Scotland allow animals and birds to thrive, deer still roam the Highlands, salmon face annual challenges in getting up rivers where they were born.

The beaches in Scotland are among the finest in Britain. The different areas of Scotland all offer beautiful scenery and good experiences.

Take a look at country cottages in Scotland to find a self-catering cottage for your stay.

Country Cottages Scotland

Scottish holiday cottage

Scotland is a rugged land where many battles were once fought and castles still stand as testimony to the insecurity and threats felt by its people. Many of these castles can now be visited as tourist attractions. It is also possible to rent a small castle as a holiday home or wedding venue. People like novelty and unique experiences so that unusual vacation rentals are always in demand.

Holiday cottages near Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall, built by the Romans divides Scotland from England. A lone piper often stands playing the bapipes on the border road between the two countries, but it is a Scottish welcome, and for that we can be glad.

Scotland's border country is famed for its clean salmon-filled rivers, although there are plenty of these throughout Scotland. Golf is played almost everywhere throughout Scotland except in the heights of the Cairngorms where there are ski slopes and snowboarding.

Holiday cottages in coastal Scotland

Coastal Scotland is superb in terms of scenery, birdwatching, dolphins and whale spotting. The beaches are clean and natural; many are sandy and sweeping. A seaside holiday in Scotland is a very different experience from a seaside break in England; it is usually a complete contrast of unspoilt versus busy and commercial.

A purely Scottish experience

Find a Scottish holiday home to rent and explore that part of Scotland. As a guide, the further north one travels in Scotland, the sparser the population and the accommodation becomes more remote. These far-flung Scottish locations are the best for wildlife spotting and truly relaxing breaks. During your Scottish holiday, visit the numerous castles, including Macbeth's, try a dram in a whisky distillery and explore Scotland's fishing heritage. Actvities on offer include sailing, fishing, canoeing, hill walking, scuba diving and more.


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