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Rent a holiday cottage for a week or two in England and find out more about your holiday destination.

The various areas of England as diverse; each offers a unique insight into a county of area. Cumbria is as different from Cornwall as chalk is from cheese. The landscapes and geology are different, each area has its own accent, regional dishes, style of houses and unique history.

A tour of England is a discovery of stunning landscapes and cultures held together by a common language and government. A holiday on the coast is going to provide a contrasting experience to a holiday in the Peak or Lake District.

It is possible to travel to virtually anywhere in England and have a wonderful holiday. People are sometimes amazed that anyone would want to stay in a town such as Macclesfield and yet they do. The beautiful scenery and walks of the Peak District begin on the outskirts of town and numerous tourists attractions such as Alton Towers theme park and the City of Manchester are under 50 minutes drive away.  It is the same all over England; the country is so small that every destination is surrounded by good places to visit.

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Popular English holiday destinations

Lake District
Heart of England
East Anglia and the Norfolk Coast
South Coast
West Country
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