Self-catering holiday cottage


Self catering holidays in Hungary


Hungary, an ancient country and civilisation in the heart of Europe. Explore Budapest, the amazing terrain and wildlife rich landscape.


Villas to rent in Spain


Long time favourite of the British, rent a villa in Spain to let the sun warm your bones and invigorate the blood. Spain offers more than simply beach holidays.


Holidays in Madeira


Stay in a self catering apartment in Madeira and wander around this floral island in the Atlantic Ocean, home to bird of paradise flowers and other exotica.


Self catering breaks in Eastern Europe


The interest in eastern Europe is growing as people look for more short break destinations and new places to explore not far from home.

Rent a self-catering cottage or apartment and soak up the culture.


Holiday cottages abroad outside the UK

We tend to take holidays abroad when the weather in the UK is cold and dismal. It would be completely unreasonable to expect warm sunny days between November and March in the UK or Ireland.

The weather in Scotland is even more unpredictable. It is perfectly understandable that people choose to rent a villa somewhere warm like Spain for a winter holiday.

The other big reason why people go abroad is for a new experience, a completely different cuisine and ambience.


Book a villa or self-catering apartment abroad for some sunshine

villa abroad

Despite our lush and lovely green countryside, in our desire for permanent sunshine and foreign climes, we long for holidays abroad.

For some holidaymakers, package tours offer the easiest form of foreign travel, others prefer to be independent and organise their own self-catering accommodation in an apartment or villa, book flights and then explore from a central base.

We are all different and have different ways of going about things. Depending on the size of the group and the destination, self-catering can frequently work out less expensive than a package deal. It is a case of obtaining quotes and doing the arithmetic if good value is your primary concern. Cheap holidays abroad may not be a sensible option if you are left dissatisfied at the end.


list of cottages to rent abroad

It is better to stump up the price for a quality holiday than regret 2 weeks of your precious summer break.

Book holiday cottages abroad via a reputable website or agency. Making a booking with a credit card always conveys that added level of protection.


Best deals self catering cottages

Holiday accommodation in Greece

Visit Athens, spiritual Meteora, the classical heights of Pelion, mystical Delphi. Greek self-catering villas.

... beautiful holiday destination

Villa holiday near Athens

Rent a large very spacious traditional Greek home 45 minutes from Athens, Greece

... sunny villa destination

Self catering Canary Islands

canary island tenerife

A balmy climate all year round awaits visitors to the Canary Islands. Rent an apartment in the Canaries